Root Canals


Most dental patients hate to hear this word from a dentist! It is so because a root canal is often perceived as a complex, painful and a pricey dental procedure. However, in reality, a root canal is not as dreadful as a common patient thinks. The procedure is neither pricey nor too complicated. It saves your tooth and ends your pain or discomfort once and for all! It is a painless procedure.

We assume that you are here may be because you or someone you know need a root canal procedure performed. If it is so, we strongly recommend you to read the rest of the page to gain more knowledge about the procedure.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?  

A root canal treatment is an invasive dental procedure that treats nerve damage or infection caused by a larger cavity. A dentist numbs the tooth and makes an opening through the crown of the tooth into the nerve chamber under it.  The dentist uses some special tools to remove the infected or unhealthy pulp, and replaces it with a latex-based material called Guttapercha. The opening is filled using permanent filling. A crown is needed to strengthen the tooth after a root canal treatment, without which the tooth may be at a bigger risk of fracture.

How Much Does a Root Canal Costs?

Various factors like the location of the infected tooth influence the root canal cost. Many dental insurance plans partially or fully cover the root canal treatment. If you do not have insurance or if your dental insurance does not cover root canal, we offer good discounts on the procedure. Shine Dental is one of the few top dental offices that offer best-in-class yet affordable root canal treatment in Fremont, CA and the surrounding cities.

What are the Post Op Instructions Patients Need to Follow After Root Canal Treatment?

  • Keep from chewing hard or sticky foods until you get a crown placed
  • Don’t try to eat anything until the anesthesia wears off completely to avoid a possible tooth or mouth injury
  • Discomfort and slight pain in the tooth is common after a surgery. OTC pain killers can be used to manage the pain
  • If the doctor prescribes medicine, take them as advised, without fail
  • If the pain is persistent, call the doctor as soon as possible

Are you looking for a root canal treatment? Let our doctors analyze and tell you if you are the right fit for the procedure. Call us now or book an appointment online.

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