Pediatric Dentistry in Fremont

The American Dental Association recommends parents to take their children to a dentist even before they celebrate their first birthday! This allows a dentist to check for the possible oral health defects a baby may develop. The dentist can solve those dental problems easily before they become worse. This also helps a baby to get used to meeting a dentist, and reduces dental anxiety significantly.

At Shine Dental, our dentists are more than happy to help your infant or younger kids to have strong, beautiful and healthy teeth. Our doctors are among the most loved children dentists in Fremont, CA.  Our team believes that it is very important to understand the feelings of children, particularly their fear and concerns.

We offer the following pediatric dentistry services.

Teeth Cleaning:  We offer a professional teeth-cleaning service for toddlers, younger children and teens to reduce the risk of tooth decay or loss.

Simple Extractions: Sometimes, tooth extraction is inevitable. The procedure is a nightmare not only for the kids, but also for their parents. We extract tooth in a painless way. Our friendly doctors make sure that your kid stays calm and relaxed throughout the procedure. They try everything they can to save a tooth prior to suggesting an extraction.

Dental Crowns: Dentists use crowns to treat a wide range of children’s dental conditions. The main purpose of them is to cap a defective tooth to give it a natural appearance.

Dental Fillings:  It is a widely used restorative procedure where a dentist seals a tooth with amalgam, silver, gold or porcelain filling, after removing a large decay. The fillings seal the top of the teeth, preventing the bacteria from entering to the tooth’s root.

Sealants: Application of sealants is a simple preventive care dental treatment that keeps food particles from entering into the tooth. This procedure helps reduce the risk of cavities and tooth significantly.

Space Maintainers: A space maintainer is mandatory in case of a tooth extraction or a premature tooth loss. It ensures adequate space for the new tooth to erupt properly. It is a simple procedure, and it reduces the risk of going through extensive orthodontic work in future.

Mouth Guards & Night Guards: We also offer custom mouth guards and night guards for younger children. Mouth guards prevent sports or playtime related injuries. Night guards, on the other hand, are suggested to children who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding during nights).

Sleep Dentistry: We offer sleep dentistry procedures to children as well.

Baby Root Canal Treatment: Our dentists suggest baby root canal as an alternative to tooth extraction. Most people think that a root canal is not necessary for children. In reality, a root canal saves the tooth, and it ensures the eruption of a healthy permanent tooth.

Get in touch with our dental experts. We are ready to help your kids to have healthy, strong and beautiful teeth!

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