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Are you hiding your smile because your gums look too large or your receded gums make your teeth look too long? Cosmetic gum surgery at Shine Dental in Fremont, California, from Fremont dentist Swapna Raveendranath, DDS, helps give you the confidence you need to smile again. Contact the Shine Dental team for an appointment or use the online booking feature now.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery Q & A

What is cosmetic gum surgery?

You may have heard of a “gummy” smile or a “toothy” smile. Shine Dental provides corrective surgery for receding gum lines, excess gum lines, or a combination of both. With customized cosmetic gum surgery, Fremont dentist Dr. Raveendranath corrects the unhappiness you have with your gums and gives you an even-looking smile.

Do I need cosmetic gum surgery?

Having extra gum tissue covering your teeth makes chewing your food and keeping your teeth clean difficult. Not having enough gum tissue covering your teeth causes problems with exposed roots of your teeth. 

If you suffer from either extra gum tissue or not enough, your Fremont dentist at Shine Dental gives you options for healthier teeth and gums and a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

What happens during cosmetic gum surgery?

Fremont dentist Dr. Raveendranath performs your corrective gum surgery in the Shine Dental office, usually with only a numbing shot. Adding to your gum line and removing excess from your gum line are different procedures, but neither causes extreme pain.

Conventional reshaping of excess tissue involves a scalpel removing and reshaping your gums. Laser surgery offers contouring with faster recovery time. Your newly shaven gums provide a symmetrical look in your mouth by revealing more of your natural tooth.

When you need gum tissue added or a graft, Dr. Raveendranath explains how she chooses the gum donor site and attaches the donor tissue to the treatment site. 

Alternatively, she may cut your existing gum and fold it down over your teeth. If your teeth don’t appear short enough, she may shave your teeth or bone as a last resort to reshaping your gums.

Both procedures are routine and predictable with short recovery times.

How long is recovery from cosmetic gum surgery?

Recovery time for both removing excess gum and adding new tissue usually lasts 1-2 weeks. During your recovery, Fremont dentist Dr. Raveendranath offers these tips for faster recovery:

  • Avoid smoking

  • Take antibiotics if prescribed

  • Avoid strenuous exercise

  • Use special mouthwash

  • Eat soft foods

  • Avoid flossing and brushing (the time frame varies)

After your surgery, the experts at Shine Dental provide you with aftercare instructions and answer any questions you have about follow-up treatments.

If you’re ready to have a smile you’re proud of, call Shine Dental for available appointments or book online.