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Benefits of keto diet | Ketosis Breath: Keto Diet and Oral Health

Keto diet and breath

Ketogenic diet is basically low-carb, a high fat, moderate proteins diet. By having a low-carb diet body may produce ketones in the liver, which is to be utilized as energy. For some people, Keto is not a diet it is a lifestyle. Obese people usually consider a low- carb diet or ketogenic diet best for their weight loss. Similarly, there are many benefits of Ketogenic diet, such as:

Keto diet can even be a cure of severe diseases, such as:

The ketogenic diet is most beneficial for your appearance. As it is advantageous for your weight, face and even your teeth.  High Carb food is often considered as a reason for a beautiful smile and overall dental health, but lack of carbohydrates can make your smile alluring too.  It has various benefits related to human body’s chemistry.

Dentists prefer Ketogenic diet because:

  1. Decreases the risk of gum diseases:

After just three months your gum diseases will just disappear after ketogenic diet. It controls the pH level of your mouth, which secures your gums.

  1. Best for the prevention of Cavities:

Cavities can be prevented through Ketogenic diet because it levels the minerals and other needs of the mouth. Low carbohydrates help your mouth stay healthy.

  1. Acids in Carbohydrates:

Sugar enhances the risk of bacteria in the mouth. When high-carb food is taken, carbohydrates provide the fuel to acid to ultimately cause demineralization in the mouth. It can even cause caries and decay in the teeth. Low-carb food saves you from such risks.

  1. Reduction of Phytic Acid you consume:

Low mineral diet can be really dangerous.  Mineral deficiencies can cause:

Many foods you consume contain Phytic acid. It can absorb all the minerals which are necessary for the growth and maintenance of the body. Since keto diet is low on the carb and does not have phytic acid so you can be safe from dental problems.

Hence, Ketogenic Diet can be the most preferable measure for you to have a great smile.

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