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The Top 5 Reasons To Receive Dental Botox At Shine Dental | Fremont Dentist


Botox hit the market more than 30 years ago and thanks to the years of research into the benefits of Botox, patients can now receive dental Botox treatments at reputable dental locations, such as Shine Dental.


The top five reasons to receive dental Botox at Shine Dental include the treatment of TMJ, relief from teeth grinding and clenching, assisting in the fitting of dentures, correcting a high lip line, and achieving a smile makeover.


If you’re still on the fence about receiving dental Botox, we’ll talk about exactly how Botox works, why more and more people are starting to receive dental Botox at Freemont Dental, and what to know about any possible side effects.


What Is Botox And How Does It Work?

Botox is actually called botulinum toxin, but it goes by the brand name of Botox. It is a purified protein that works by attaching itself to the nerve endings in your muscles. It’s these proteins that stop your muscles from contracting, so that is why Botox has been a popular treatment against lines and wrinkles.


Now Botox has entered the realm of dentistry because of its benefits of being able to deliver relatively painless treatments for dental-related issues. A dentist must be trained and have a permit to provide dental Botox, so you can rest easy knowing Dr. Raveendranath at Freemont Dental is trained to deliver the best quality dental Botox treatments.


Top 5 Reasons To Receive Dental Botox At Freemont Dental

Dental Botox is minimally invasive and affordable, so some of the reasons you may want to consider this kind of treatment include the following.


Treatment of TMJ

Temporomandibular disorder, or TMJ for short, occurs when the joint that connects the jawbone to the skull is injured or damaged. There are several reasons why TMJ forms, including damage to teeth, stress, and arthritis. The usual signs of TMJ include jaw pain, clicking or popping of the jaw when chewing, and headaches.


When at home treatments, like anti-inflammatories and massaging don’t seem to be making any improvements, dental Botox could be the answer. This is a safe way to reduce muscle tension and so your temporomandibular joint can finally relax.


Relief From Teeth Grinding And Clenching

Bruxism is the technical name for teeth grinding and clenching. This can happen without you realizing when you’re awake or asleep and most people don’t realize it’s an issue until problems start to occur. The most common side effects of teeth grinding and clinching include headaches, damage to teeth, and TMJ.


Receiving dental Botox treatments at Freemont Dental can help remedy teeth grinding and clinching because the Botox will relieve the tension of your muscles and help your jaw relax. Your doctor may recommend this treatment plus a mouth guard depending on the severity of the grinding and clenching.


Assisting In The Fitting Of Dentures

When your teeth are removed, you may be surprised by how quickly your muscles begin to shift. And then when you receive a set of dentures, it can be uncomfortable and painful.


To help your muscles form around the new dentures, Dr. Raveendranath at Freemont Dental can provide dental Botox to help relax your lip muscles so they can begin to form around the new set of teeth.


Correcting A High Lip Line

This is also known as having a “gummy smile”. When you smile, if you feel like you have too much gum showing this could be remedied with a treatment of dental Botox.


Some people are naturally born with long or enlarged gums, have a short upper lip, or perhaps a larger upper jaw. A quick injection of dental Botox between the nose and upper lip can help relax muscles so when you smile, it’s a more aesthetically pleasing smile with less gum showing.


Achieving A Smile Makeover

There are always tweaks we can make to improve our smiles. Beyond cleaning and whitening treatments, dental Botox can also help restore a more youthful smile.


Some people have what’s kind an upside down smile, or a look of constantly frowning. With a quick injection of dental Botox, you can start to see your upside down smile start to disappear. Additionally, this will also help with any lines or wrinkles around your mouth.


What Are The Side Effects Of Dental Botox?

Overall, Botox has a great safety record. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approved Botox for the use of 11 different treatments, even for excessive underarm sweating!


However, some possible side effects to consider when you receive dental Botox treatments include:



To ensure you receive the absolute best dental Botox treatment, make sure to visit Dr. Raveendranath at Freemont Dental, as she is trained and certified to provide dental Botox treatments. 

Dr Swapna Dr. Swapna is an Award-Winning Celebrity philanthropist dentist.

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