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Invisalign VS SmileDirectClub VS Byte 2021

Woman smiling - Invisalign Smile Direct Club Byte

Nowadays we can find some companies that offer online orthodontic services as SmileDirectClub, SmileOnME, Byte…etc. These companies deliver clear aligners to your home without the need to go to the dentist office, but is this really an advantage?


Taking impression

In SmileDirectClub and Byte, they offer you plastic trays so that you take impressions for your upper and lower teeth by yourself. Of course, taking impressions by yourself will not be as accurate as impressions taken by dentists.

SmileDirectClub device kit

Getting a consultation from a dentist.

In SmileDirectClub and Byte, the dentist can only examine your teeth alignment, he cannot detect if you have any caries, gum disease or any other problems that may cause complications throughout the treatment. You can get a consultation and clinical examination in Shine Dental before getting Invisalign.

Byte device kit

Orthodontic problems

As Dr. Swapna is a certified Invisalign provider and has done so many cases of Invisalign, so she can treat many orthodontic problems that other online orthodontic services cannot, for example, open bite.


Fast treatment

Byte offers a fast treatment (3 months instead of 6), but we have to mention that acceleration of the teeth movement will have an adverse effect on the periodontal ligament that attaches your teeth to the jaw bone and this can lead to tooth mobility.

Invisalign safely moves your teeth in a treatment period from 6 to 12 months until you get your desired smile.


Invisalign device kit


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